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United States Chess Federation

United States Chess Federation

USCF & Internet Chess Club Join Forces to Provide Online Rated Chess!
Team USA Wins Four Medals in Greece
Alejandro on the Race for Medals in Greece
10th Annual Transatlantic Cup Match Set for November 6
Dragons on the Beach: Alejandro on the World Youth So Far
Players Arrive for 2015 World Youth
Largest US Delegation in History Travels to World Youth in Greece

English Chess Federation

English Chess Federation

British Junior Rapid & Blitz – call for arbiters
AGM Card Votes results (updated 19/10/21)
Staff leave / office hours 25/10 – 29/10/21
ECF AGM Election Results
England at the European Youth Hybrid Championship
British Chess Championships 2021
4th FIDE World Chess Championship for People with Disabilities

The Week in Chess

German Bundesliga 2019-2020 - Games and Results
US Chess Championships 2021 - Games and Results
Meltwater Champions Chess Tour Final 2021 - Games and Results
TePe Sigeman & Co Chess Tournament 2021 - Games and Results
36th European Club Cup 2021 - Games and Results
9th EY Norway Chess 2021 - Games and Results
FIDE Online Olympiad 2021 - Games and Results

Utah Chess

Utah Chess

October 16th SLCC Quick Chess cancelled
New Chess Clubs
August 21st SLCC Quick Chess will be at the U of U Union Building Cafeteria
Farewell Bobby Fischer registration closed
No SLCC event on July 24th
Salt Lake Open registration closed
No SLCC Quick on 5/08 & 5/15

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Glorney Cup 1956
(Fr. / Canon) Séamus Cunnane 1929-2021
The Road to Tel Aviv, or the misadventures of a photojournalist
Irish Championship 1982
Lyons – MacElligott, Kilkenny Open 1982
Porter – Griffin, Irish Championship 1978
Irish Women’s Championship 2021

dana blogs chess

“Fantastic!” — A Remembrance
Out of the Blue
House of Cards
Hook and Ladder in the Meltwater Champions Tour
50 Years of Chess: Year 49
50 Years of Chess: Year 48
50 Years of Chess: Years 45-47

Chess news -

Chess news -

Russian Champ. Super Final round 11
U.S. Chess Championship playoff
Russian Champ. Super Final round 10
U.S. Chess Championship round 11
Russian Champ. Super Final round 9
U.S. Chess Championship round 10
Russian Champ. Super Final round 8

Georgia Chess News

Review: Desert Island Chess Puzzle Omnibus
Endgame Fundamentals: Queen vs. Rook
Review: Chess Board Options: a Memoir of Players, Games, and Engines, by Larry Kaufman
Endgame Fundamentals: Tough Ending
Endgame Fundamentals: Gambits
Review: How to become a Candidate Master, by Alex Dunne
Endgame Fundamentals: 50-Move Rule

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FIDE WORLD CUP 2021 – Start of the Quarterfinals
FIDE WORLD CUP R5- Calm before the storm
Stefanova: “Nobody wants to resign!”- Goryachkina in a must win situation!
FIDE WORLD CUP R4 preview – Caruana and Giri are out!
Anish Giri takes home 0.6 rating from the FIDE World Cup #TweetOftheDay
Happy International Chess Day!
Aronian describes his trip to Sochi after withdrawal #TweetOftheDay

John Saunders' Chess Blog

Shooting Chess Players: No.1 - Caruana - Korchnoi, Gibraltar 2011
David Welch (1945-2019)
Soviet School of Sadism
Carlsen-Caruana 2018: Through a Glass Darkly
The Seventh Sealed Move (2)
Seventh Sealed Move (1)
It's a Game of Chess, Football and Cricket Out There...


Blink and you'll miss it
Take the shot
Before the internet
ACT Chess for the rest of 2021
Some good advice - which I should follow
Rules shouldn't always be rules
The return of Street Chess

Gardiner Chess

Queensland Junior Ratings September 2021
Queensland Junior Ratings July 2021
Queensland Junior Ratings May 2021
Queensland Junior Ratings March 2021
Queensland Junior Ratings January 2021
Queensland Junior Ratings November 2020
Queensland Junior Ratings September

Northwest Chess Blog

Northwest Chess Open
NW Regional Scholastic
Chess Webinars
Return to Blog World
National Chess Day in Vancouver WA
Jason Yu becomes National Master
Velea Sisters & Team USA Golden at Pan-American Youth!

Better Chess Training

Content Schedule January 2021 and Onward!
Better Chess Training Hosting Arena Tournament this Friday!
General Content Schedule for Summer 2020
A Nice Endgame by 10-year-old Magnus Carlsen
Game 1 of Training Project
Video Interview with Australian Chess Champion GM Max Illingworth + Notes
How I Reached 2300+ on Tactics Trainer

Life… as I see it

Life… as I see it

We, the Chosen
Freedom with Guns?
Guns and Fear
Human Rights
James Baldwin
Martin Luther King Jr

Chess Manitoba

Cecil's Saturday Puzzle - October 2, 2021
Cecil's Saturday Puzzle - September 18, 2021
Cecil's Saturday Puzzle - September 4, 2021
Cecil's Saturday Puzzle August 21, 2021
Cecil's Saturday Puzzle - August 7, 2021
Cecil's Saturday Puzzle - July 24, 2021
Cecil's Saturday Puzzle - July 10, 2021

On The Road to Chess Master

I Want to Support Jobava, But I Can’t
The Wisdom of Priyadharsan
Tactics Were Flowing: Dreuth-Wainscott 0-1
Review of Chess Board Options by Larry Kaufman
How Active Reading is Making a Difference
Declined the Repetition Against a Stronger Player
Review of the Unstoppable American by Jan Timman

Charlotte Chess Center Blog

Game Analysis: Different Openings Doesn't Mean Different Ideas!
Game Analysis: Developing Your Pieces Wisely
The French Connection: Volume 39
State of the CCCSA
The French Connection: Volume 38
The French Connection: Volume 37
Game Analysis: Getting All of Your Pieces Into the Game!

The Chess Coroner

#1352 Don Carrelli
#1351 Kenilworth Championship Starts Tonight!
#1350 Later Start & Time Control Change For The 3/24 Westfield Quads
#1349 Westfield CC Update For January 27
#1348 Pre-Registration For Westfield Winter Scholastic
#1347 Westfield Winter Scholastic Re-scheduled For 1/27
#1346 3-Round Swiss In Rahway Today

World Chess Championship Blog

Upcoming World Championship Events
2021 World Cup Wrapup
2021 World Cup Player Indices
2021 Women's World Cup Crosstables
2021 Women's World Cup Preparation
2021 World Cup Crosstables
2021 World Cup [Name] Mismatches

Livingston County Chess Blog

LCCC Meets Next Oct 25. - Last Rd of Club Champ. - and a Nice Endgame
LCCC Meets Next Oct. 11 - Casual Chess and Rd 3 of Tourney - and Blitz Chess is Good for You!
LCCC Next Meeting Sept 27th, Club Championship Underway - Alexander Alekhine Played in the USA?
Club Championship to Start Sept. 13 – and Michigan Open Labor Day Weekend
LCCC is Meeting Monday. Club Championship Soon! And Some Curious Facts!
Sorry Sorry for the Delay in Posting - LCCC Alive and Well - Next OTB Meeting July 26, 2021
LCCC Still Meeting at BWW in Brighton - and Stockfish is the Best Chess Player in the World

Chess Parents FAQs - Blog

A new (old) blog
How to create PGN without chessbase?
September 28th, 2021
Why my online Steps class is setup as one-year class?
Weekend Achievements 9/18
Weekend Achievements Sept 4
Congratulation to NAYCC players!
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