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United States Chess Federation

United States Chess Federation

USCF & Internet Chess Club Join Forces to Provide Online Rated Chess!
Team USA Wins Four Medals in Greece
Alejandro on the Race for Medals in Greece
10th Annual Transatlantic Cup Match Set for November 6
Dragons on the Beach: Alejandro on the World Youth So Far
Players Arrive for 2015 World Youth
Largest US Delegation in History Travels to World Youth in Greece

English Chess Federation

English Chess Federation

Chess in prisons update – from Carl Portman
Blind Faith
Chessable English Seniors Championships – RESULTS
Congratulations to English Juniors – updated 4/5/22
BCET Awards 2022 – a reminder
Motion on Ukraine approved – ECF Finance Council Meeting
David Anderton RIP (updated 25/4/22)

The Week in Chess

Superbet Chess Classic 2022 - Games and Results
FIDE Candidates Tournament 2022 - Games and Results
27th TePe Sigeman & Co Chess Tournament 2022 - Games and Results
Russian Team Championship 2022 - Games and Results
Bundesliga 2021-22 -
Oslo Esports Cup 2022 - Games and Results
American Cup 2022 -

Utah Chess

Utah Chess

Format change to the Spring Team Championship
Elem – Bring a Device
SLCC tournaments to move to the basement
Saturday quick events return to SLCC
SLCC quick tournament will be moved to the U of U for December and January
October 16th SLCC Quick Chess cancelled
New Chess Clubs

dana blogs chess

Welcoming a New Book Into the World
Analysis Without Words
“There’s No Such Thing as an Even Trade”
The World Changes Again
The Student Draws the Master
Levels of Truth
Catastrophes in the Nimzo

Chess news -

Chess news -

Superbet Chess Classic final round
Superbet Chess Classic round 8
Superbet Chess Classic round 7
Superbet Chess Classic round 6
Superbet Chess Classic round 5
Tepe Sigeman & Co Chess final round (7)
Tepe Sigeman & Co Chess round 6

Georgia Chess News

Endgame Fundamentals: GM Alexander Kotov
Review: Winning the World Open
Endgame Fundamentals: Technique
Review: Cyrus Lakdawala Tactical Training 2021 Everyman Chess
Endgame Fundamentals: Castling
Review: The Best I Saw in Chess, by Stuart Rachels
From the Desk of the President

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Nominations for Gligoric Trophy 2021
Leela Chess Zero wins the TCEC Subfinal
TCEC Cup 10 starts today
2022 Ontario Open Chess Tournament
Serbia wins gold at 15th European Chess Solving Championship 2022
IM Andrei Obodchuk claims 21st IPCA World Chess Championship
GM Carlos Daniel Albornoz Cabrera wins FIDE Zonal 2.3 Championship

John Saunders' Chess Blog

Shooting Chess Players: No.1 - Caruana - Korchnoi, Gibraltar 2011
David Welch (1945-2019)
Soviet School of Sadism
Carlsen-Caruana 2018: Through a Glass Darkly
The Seventh Sealed Move (2)
Seventh Sealed Move (1)
It's a Game of Chess, Football and Cricket Out There...


Extra Help
The 37% rule
Reti's lesser know miniature
SEA Games
Clearly better for black?
2022 ACTJCL GM Simul
A triple knightmare

Gardiner Chess

Queensland Junior Ratings May 2022
Queensland Junior Ratings March 2022
Gardiner Chess Focus: Debbie Rose (Chess Parent)
Gardiner Chess Focus: Graeme Gardiner
Queensland Junior Ratings January 2022
2021 Australian Schools Teams Chess Championships
Queensland Junior Ratings November 2021

Northwest Chess Blog

Northwest Chess Open
NW Regional Scholastic
Chess Webinars
Return to Blog World
National Chess Day in Vancouver WA
Jason Yu becomes National Master
Velea Sisters & Team USA Golden at Pan-American Youth!

Better Chess Training

Content Schedule January 2021 and Onward!
Better Chess Training Hosting Arena Tournament this Friday!
General Content Schedule for Summer 2020
A Nice Endgame by 10-year-old Magnus Carlsen
Game 1 of Training Project
Video Interview with Australian Chess Champion GM Max Illingworth + Notes
How I Reached 2300+ on Tactics Trainer

Chess Manitoba

Cecil's Saturday Puzzle - April 30, 2022
Rocker Chess Club casual chess meetup April 30
Cecil's Saturday Puzzle - April 16, 2022
Cecil's Saturday Puzzle - April 2, 2022
Cecil's Saturday Puzzle - March 19, 2022
Cecil's Saturday Puzzle - March 5, 2022
Cecil's Saturday Puzzle - February 19, 2022

Charlotte Chess Center Blog

Game Analysis: Different Openings Doesn't Mean Different Ideas!
Game Analysis: Developing Your Pieces Wisely
The French Connection: Volume 39
State of the CCCSA
The French Connection: Volume 38
The French Connection: Volume 37
Game Analysis: Getting All of Your Pieces Into the Game!

The Chess Coroner

#1352 Don Carrelli
#1351 Kenilworth Championship Starts Tonight!
#1350 Later Start & Time Control Change For The 3/24 Westfield Quads
#1349 Westfield CC Update For January 27
#1348 Pre-Registration For Westfield Winter Scholastic
#1347 Westfield Winter Scholastic Re-scheduled For 1/27
#1346 3-Round Swiss In Rahway Today

World Chess Championship Blog

A Giant Among GMs
2022 Candidates; 2023(?) Title Match
It's Not an April Fool's Joke
2022 Grand Prix, Wrapup
2022 Grand Prix, Final Actions
2022 Grand Prix, 3rd Leg (Berlin)
C30 Zonal Hybrid Events

Livingston County Chess Blog

LCCC Meeting Monday, May 16 from 4 to 9pm. BWW in Brighton, MI - and GM Rubinstein
LCCC Meeting Monday May 2, 2022 from 4 pm until 9pm
LCCC Meeting at BWW in Brighton on Easter Monday - 2022 from 4pm - 9pm
LCCC Meeting in Spite of NCAA Basketball 2022 Final - Vince V Wins the 2022 Fischer Random Club Title
Two Great Players You Never Heard Of - and LCCC Random 960 Final Monday!
LCCC Meets This Monday - 960 Tournament Continues - And Meet the 14th Chess World Champion!
LCCC Meets This Monday - and Happy Birthday Boris Spassky!

Chess Parents FAQs - Blog

How to search for USCF tournaments?
A new Youtube project: Learning chess
How to improve your chess as an adult? 2. Finding time
Chess Book lists (draft)
How to improve your chess as an adult? Part 1: Overview
My New Year Resolution
Chess 101 for beginners
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