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Denver Police accused of using excessive force, illegal search: "has obtained video of a Denver Police officer punching an unarmed suspect in the face six times, then moments later, tripping the man’s seven-and-a-half-months pregnant girlfriend."
Black residents protect white-owned store in Ferguson during a major riot.
Putin released a Siberian tiger into the wild — now it’s tormenting Chinese farmers
Student took this photo of a bear just before it killed him
Walmart workers plan Black Friday strike | Al Jazeera America
Video of Cleveland Police officer shooting 12 year old Tamir Rice
Almost 25% of cancer cases in the USA are linked to obesity, WHO report
Ferguson protesters block I-5 in La Jolla
AT&T told to stop calling U-verse the “Fastest Internet for the price”. AT&T didn't make it clear that "fastest for the price" gets you only 3Mbps.
Texas law that lets cops draw blood without warrant tossed by appeals court
89 percent of Minnesotans believe climate change is occurring now, while 7 percent do not believe it is and the rest don't know.
Car plows through crowd protesting Ferguson decision
Buccaneers’ Stadium Caught Selling Colored Water As Alcohol
‘Justice for Dillon Taylor’ sought for white Utah man fatally shot by black officer.
27 and 48-Yr Old GIs Die in Afghanistan - They died Nov. 24, in Kabul, Afghanistan, of wounds suffered when the enemy attacked their vehicle with a vehicle borne IED. Killed were: Spc. Joseph W. Riley, 27, of Grove City, OH and Sgt. Maj. Wardell B. Turner, 48, of Nanticoke, MD.
Cleveland cops will release video of boy shot by officer this afternoon

Latest News -  Reuters

Streets of Ferguson quiet after two nights of racial unrest
Asia shares edge higher, oil tumbles to four-year low
U.S. regulator orders national Takata driver-side air bag recall
Exclusive - Japan eyes military aid to spur defense exports, build security ties: sources
Young sister of North Korean leader takes senior party post: KCNA
Bulgaria charges radical imam with supporting Islamic State
Exclusive: Poor and besieged, Myanmar's Rakhine join Rohingya exodus
East Coast storm hampers Thanksgiving travel
Special Report: How China's shadowy agency is working to absorb Taiwan
S&P 500 ends at record high boosted by tech shares
Canadian celebrity radio host charged with sexual assault
Honda recalled cars with Takata air bags in 2002: documents
Takata shares plunge after U.S. orders expanded recall
Congress can block use of fees for immigration overhaul: memo
Two FBI agents shot at house near St. Louis, suspect dead
More than 400 arrested as Ferguson protests spread to other U.S. cities
Angry outbursts in Ferguson overwhelm organized protests
Cleveland video shows police shot boy within seconds
U.S. top law enforcer promises strong Ferguson police probe: activists
S&P 500 ends at record high boosted by tech shares
Exclusive: Poor and besieged, Myanmar's Rakhine join Rohingya exodus
In Ferguson, black residents stand guard at white-owned store
Russia throws rights accusations back at U.S. with Ferguson unrest
East Coast storm threatens Thanksgiving travel
Dollar falls on weak U.S. data, stocks gain
Cameroon army says frees 16 hostages, including Polish priest

Latest News - nbc

Ferguson Protests Still Rumbling for Third Day in L.A.
Holiday Havoc: Storm Ices Roads and Cancels 650 Flights
Thieves Ram Car Into Store in Smash-and-Grab
Cop Who Killed 12-Year-Old Acted 'Quickly,' Family Says
Kansas Foster Dad Pleads Guilty in Hot-Car Death
Canadian Radio Celebrity Charged With Sex Assault
First Human Ebola Vaccine Trial Shows It Seems to Work
Howls of Protest: Feds Yank Wolf-Kill Derby Permit
Man Caught With Guns and Crossbows at JFK Airport
94-Year-Old Caught With Guns and Crossbows at JFK Airport
Donors Give $130K to Bakery Trashed in Ferguson Unrest
Texas Police Officer Kills Suspect After Chase
Say Cheese! Obama Pardons Turkey From 'Delicious Fate'
Fetch! Dogs May Understand More Than You Think
Video Shows Cleveland Cop Shoot 12-Year-Old in Seconds
Space Surprise! DNA Survives Trip on a Rocket's Surface
Shopping for Holiday Savings? Try These Four Apps
Should Every Cop in America Wear a Body Camera?
Cops Threatening Tear Gas Break Up St. Louis Protest
Thanksgiving Storm Threatens Travel Plans for Millions
version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8'?> NBC News Top Stories</a></b><br><a href="">Ferguson Protests Still Rumbling for Third Day in L.A.</a></b><br><a href="">Holiday Havoc: Storm Ices Roads and Cancels 650 Flights</a></b><br><a href="">Thieves Ram Car Into Store in Smash-and-Grab</a></b><br><a href="">Cop Who Killed 12-Year-Old Acted 'Quickly,' Family Says</a></b><br></p> </div> <div class="doubleright"> <img src="/images/mail_o.gif" height="30" title="Latest News - Mail Online" alt="Latest News - Mail Online"><br><hr> <p><a href=" "> What took so long? Questions raised over ambulance delay to treat gravely injured Phil Hughes... as he remains in critical condition in hospital </a></b><br><a href=" "> 'I remember standing at the rail of the QE2 next to Jimmy Saville... My biggest regret is not tipping him over': Michael Buerk reveals dark secret when discussing his life with other I'm a Celeb contestants </a></b><br><a href=" "> Ferguson man attacked with his oxygen supply and then run over </a></b><br><a href=" "> More than 1,000 people protest outside U.S. embassy in London holding placards reading 'jail racist cops' following decision not to prosecute police officer over death of black teenager </a></b><br><a href=" "> New anti-terror powers introduced following Lee Rigby murder report </a></b><br><a href=" "> Oxford Union sparks anger after inviting convicted criminal and former EDL leader Tommy Robinson to speak to students  </a></b><br><a href=" "> NHS to carry on selling patients' medical data to insurance firms despite history of blunders over illegal use of the information </a></b><br><a href=" "> Mother Joanne Fowler turned avenger over son Matthew's abuse by his uncle </a></b><br><a href=" "> Cleveland police release footage of Tamir Rice being shot </a></b><br><a href=" "> Elvis and Priscilla' desert hideaway 'House of Tomorrow' marked down $1m </a></b><br><a href=" "> US special forces tried to rescue American and Briton held by al-Qaeda in Yemen </a></b><br><a href=" "> Katie Hopkins says Ferguson officer Darren Wilson 'should get a medal' </a></b><br><a href=" "> EastEnders star Linda Henry vows to fight race-hate claim in court </a></b><br><a href=" "> US-made Ebola vaccine 'effective' in trials and will be tested in West Africa </a></b><br><a href=" "> Film-makers treated Mad Frankie Fraser as a folk hero, and he loved it </a></b><br></p> </div> <div class="clear"> </div> </div> <!-- / Double content block --> <!-- Double content block --> <div class="doublecontent"> <div class="doubleleft"> <br><a href=""><img src="/images/movies.gif" alt="Free online movies" title="Free online movies" border="0" width="100%"></a> </div> <div class="doubleright"> <br><a href=""><img src="/images/ebook.gif" alt="How to? Windows 7 Tips and tricks" title="How to? Windows 7 Tips and tricks" border="0" width="100%"></a> </div> <div class="clear"> </div> </div> <!-- / Double content block --> <!-- Double content block --> <div class="doublecontent"> <div class="doubleleft"> <img src="/images/google.gif" height="30" title="Latest News - Google" alt="Latest News - Google"><br><hr> <p><a href="">Streets of Ferguson quiet after two nights of racial unrest - Reuters</a></b><br><a href="">Snow, Rain Threatening Millions of Thanksgiving Travelers - ABC News</a></b><br><a href="">Tamir Rice video shows police fatally shooting 12-year-old - Los Angeles Times</a></b><br><a href="">Heart stent for Supreme Court Justice Ginsburg, 81 - Businessweek</a></b><br><a href="">Ebola Vaccine Appears Safe in Early Test - Wall Street Journal</a></b><br><a href="">EPA to propose tougher rules on smog-causing ozone, setting up clash with GOP - Washington Post</a></b><br><a href="">Jian Ghomeshi, Canadian Radio Host Facing Sexual Assault Charges, Is ... - New York Times</a></b><br><a href="">Can Small Shops Survive Big Retail's Black Friday Month? - Forbes</a></b><br><a href="">Portland Trail Blazers vs. Charlotte Hornets Final: Guards Shoot Down Hornets ... - Blazer's Edge</a></b><br></p> </div> <div class="doubleright"> <img src="/images/usa.jpg" height="30" title="Latest News - USA Today" alt="Latest News - USA Today"><br><hr> <p><a href="">More protests in wake of grand jury decision on Ferguson</a></b><br><a href="">Protesters torch police car as troops guard Ferguson</a></b><br><a href="">Ferguson tweets, hashtags spike as anger rises</a></b><br><a href="">Two FBI agents shot in north St. Louis County</a></b><br><a href="">Hong Kong police arrest student protest leaders</a></b><br><a href="">Barry lauded for bravery, passion in civil rights</a></b><br><a href="">Report: U.S. commandos rescue 8 hostages in Yemen</a></b><br><a href="">Prosecutor questions ethics of Jodi Arias witness</a></b><br><a href="">Darren Wilson: 'No way' Brown had his hands up</a></b><br><a href="">Watch: Brown's stepdad urges crowd to 'burn' property</a></b><br><a href="">Two Minnesota men charged with aiding Islamic State</a></b><br><a href="">Winter storm targets East Coast for Thanksgiving Eve</a></b><br></p> </div> <div class="clear"> </div> </div> <!-- / Double content block --> <!-- Double content block --> <div class="doublecontent"> <div class="doubleleft"> <img src="/images/latimes.png" height="30" title="Latest News - latimes" alt="Latest News - LATimes"><br><hr> <p><a href="">Hidden video camera provides a close-up look at condor living</a></b><br><a href="">In 1915, 'human semaphores' took over traffic control in L.A.</a></b><br><a href="">Heat, drought worsen smog in California, stalling decades of progress</a></b><br><a href="">California geologist says quake fault lies beneath Hollywood project</a></b><br><a href="">Young father gunned down at Altadena burger stand was 'not some street thug'</a></b><br><a href="">Unions remain a crucial backer of Gov. Jerry Brown's campaign</a></b><br><a href="">L.A. voters won't be offered cash prizes in March city election</a></b><br></p> </div> <div class="doubleright"> <img src="/images/wsj.gif" height="30" title="Latest News - WSJ" alt="Latest News - WSJ"> <br><hr> <p><a href="">Tensions Simmer After Ferguson Shooting Decision</a></b><br><a href="">Ferguson Protesters Aim for Bigger Movement</a></b><br><a href="">Ferguson Businesses Face Rebuilding Effort</a></b><br><a href="">EPA Proposes Stricter Ozone Standard</a></b><br><a href="">Supreme Court to Review EPA Rule on Power-Plant Emissions</a></b><br><a href="">Justice Ginsburg Undergoes Heart Procedure to Treat Coronary Blockage</a></b><br><a href="">U.S. Plays Key Role in Yemen Rescue</a></b><br></p> </div> <div class="clear"> </div> </div> <!-- / Double content block --> <!-- Double content block --> <div class="doublecontent"> <div class="doubleleft"> <img src="/images/chron.jpg" height="30" title="Latest News -" alt="Latest News -"><br><hr> <p><a href="">Brown death could hasten police body cameras</a></b><br><a href="">Cause of Edna fire that killed 5 probed</a></b><br><a href="">Texas appeals court judge calls for abolishing death penalty</a></b><br><a href="">Goodfellows, now entering 102nd year, reaches out to brighten holidays for needy children</a></b><br><a href="">Expect spike in crime this holiday season</a></b><br><a href="">Holiday closings</a></b><br><a href="">Realtor of the week: Customer service top priority for Realtor, team</a></b><br><a href="">GHBA Remodelers Council: GHBA members receive multiple awards</a></b><br><a href="">RE/MAX Realtors provideholiday cheer to local military</a></b><br><a href="">Real People: Thanksgiving week offers reflection, food aplenty in real estate offices</a></b><br><a href="">Final Sunday Supper set</a></b><br><a href="">Realtor View: Save energy to leave more green in your pockets</a></b><br><a href="">Ask George & Chuck: Wandering property line holds up lot sale</a></b><br><a href="">Community Spotlight: Briargrove community offers 'neighborliness'</a></b><br><a href="">Dog rescue group hosts annual fundraiser, adoption event</a></b><br><a href="">Brown death could hasten police body cameras</a></b><br><a href="">Cause of Edna fire that killed 5 probed</a></b><br><a href="">Texas appeals court judge calls for abolishing death penalty</a></b><br></p> </div> <div class="doubleright"> <img src="/images/bbc.jpg" height="30" title="Latest News - BBC" alt="Latest News - BBC"> <br><hr> <p><a href="">US planes 'may use British carrier'</a></b><br><a href="">Ebola vaccine trial 'promising'</a></b><br><a href="">Commission to urge Scottish tax power</a></b><br><a href="">Child sex abuse care place shortage</a></b><br><a href="">Many elderly 'struggle' at home</a></b><br><a href="">Oil price falls ahead of Opec meeting</a></b><br><a href="">Embassy protesters condemn shooting</a></b><br><a href="">Family 'crushed' by Ferguson ruling</a></b><br><a href="">Guidelines favour weight loss ops</a></b><br><a href="">Power blackouts 'threat to economy'</a></b><br><a href="">GPs 'failing' to find liver disease</a></b><br><a href="">VIDEO: Parrots find home in Caracas</a></b><br><a href="">VIDEO: Obama pardons Thanksgiving turkeys</a></b><br><a href="">VIDEO: Nun's Like a Virgin hit raises eyebrows</a></b><br><a href="">VIDEO: Magazine for drug users goes on sale</a></b><br><a href="">VIDEO: 'I found rare Shakespeare Folio'</a></b><br><a href="">VIDEO: Can drones get water to stranded Joe?</a></b><br><a href="">VIDEO: Cat meat off the menu in Switzerland?</a></b><br><a href="">Federal UK and 2m gastric ops - front pages</a></b><br></p> </div> <div class="clear"> </div> </div> <!-- / Double content block --> <!-- Double content block --> <div class="doublecontent"> <div class="doubleleft"> <img src="/images/forbes.png" height="30" title="Latest News - Forbes" alt="Latest News - Forbes"><br><hr> <p><a href="">The Facts On Increasing The Minimum Wage</a></b><br><a href="">Chinese Billionaire Liu Yiqian Adds $45 million Thangka To His Art Collection</a></b><br><a href="">Myanmar Digital Startup NEX Gets 2nd Round Funds From Blibros</a></b><br><a href="">The 8 Most Inspiring Things Human Beings Do Every Day</a></b><br><a href="">Nominees for Outstanding Human Rights Work</a></b><br><a href="">On Faith And Finance</a></b><br><a href="">In Response To Azure Outages, Amazon Has It's Day Of Doom--AWS Cloudfront Suffers Global Issue</a></b><br><a href="">iPad Sales Slump As Android Tablets Soar</a></b><br><a href="">Optimizing Metadata Is A Key To Future Storage</a></b><br><a href="">Computerworld's 2015 Forecast Predicts Security, Cloud Computing And Analytics Will Lead IT Spending  </a></b><br><a href="">Buzz Over Hong Kong Startups Gets A Reality Check</a></b><br><a href="">Photographers Angered By Flickr Wall Art Profits</a></b><br><a href="">Is This The Final Straw? Uber's Android Application--"Literally Malware"</a></b><br><a href="">Where Have You Gone, Mike Nichols? Art Garfunkel Gives Perspective On The Late Director</a></b><br></p> </div> <div class="doubleright"> <img src="/images/sfgate.png" height="30" title="Latest News - SFGate" alt="Latest News - SFGate"> <br><hr> <p><a href="">'Independent old lady’ shaken, but not broken, by Napa quake</a></b><br><a href="">S.F. Animal Care and Control dogged by heavy calls, low staffing</a></b><br><a href="">Oakland protesters show they’re in charge</a></b><br><a href="">Life-science startups find new life in used equipment</a></b><br><a href="">Looting in Oakland protests: Some justify it, others condemn it</a></b><br><a href="">Extending S.F.’s Central Subway would draw riders, study says</a></b><br><a href="">Thanksgiving holiday transit and services</a></b><br><a href="">Several days of rain to follow sunny Thanksgiving</a></b><br><a href="">Pet massage gaining popularity</a></b><br><a href="">As years pass, gratitude for Thanksgiving holiday table grows</a></b><br><a href="">Democratic bigwigs fail to sway garbage deal in Daly City</a></b><br><a href="">Oakland protests over Ferguson decision turn violent</a></b><br><a href="">S.F. supervisors give city’s power utility a big boost</a></b><br><a href="">Heavy Thanksgiving travel expected as more loosen belts</a></b><br><a href="">S.F.’s newest public space provides invitation to sit, linger</a></b><br><a href="">'Independent old lady’ shaken, but not broken, by Napa quake</a></b><br></p> </div> <div class="clear"> </div> </div> <!-- / Double content block --> <!-- Double content block --> <div class="doublecontent"> <div class="doubleleft"> <img src="/images/thestar.gif" height="30" title="Latest News - The Star" alt="Latest News - The Star"><br><hr> <p><a href="">Veteran OPP officer charged with sexual assault</a></b><br><a href="">Man in serious condition after east-end collision</a></b><br><a href="">Toronto residents want Uber to stay: poll</a></b><br><a href="">Toronto voters want ranked ballots, smaller city council, poll finds</a></b><br><a href="">Jian Ghomeshi now in ‘the hands of the justice system’</a></b><br><a href="">TDSB votes to proceed with controversial Central Tech dome</a></b><br><a href="">Jian Ghomeshi: once talkative and energetic, he’s reduced to silent and absent figure</a></b><br><a href="">Scattered protests spill into St. Louis as Ferguson clean-up continues</a></b><br><a href="">Canada finds a home on Twitter</a></b><br><a href="">Ticks carrying Lyme disease bacteria found in Rouge Valley</a></b><br><a href="">Federal charges against Darren Wilson unlikely, former prosecutors say</a></b><br><a href="">Lac-Mégantic safety issues still cause for concern, watchdog says</a></b><br><a href="">Dump our trustees, dissolve our school boards: Cohn</a></b><br><a href="">Eaton Centre shooting: ‘I did not take the law into my own hands,’ says Christopher Husbands</a></b><br><a href="">Privacy czar doesn’t get chance to testify on CSIS powers</a></b><br></p> </div> <div class="doubleright"> <img src="/images/cnn.jpg" height="30" title="News Now - CNN" alt="Latest News - CNN"><br><hr> <p><a href="">Darren Wilson in talks to leave his job</a></b><br><a href="">Ferguson: Protesters gather in small numbers</a></b><br><a href="">Hong Kong police arrested for alleged protester assault</a></b><br><a href="">Who is 'professor' from Michael Brown autopsy?</a></b><br><a href="">Japan country profile</a></b><br><a href="">Booker recalls L.A. riots in wake of Ferguson</a></b><br><a href="">Japan as you've never seen it before</a></b><br><a href="">Michael Brown's mother: 'This could be your child'</a></b><br><a href="">Secrets from a Japanese master: How to make sushi</a></b><br><a href="">Ferguson protests spread coast to coast</a></b><br><a href="">Messy mix on the menu for Thanksgiving travelers</a></b><br><a href="">Video of Cleveland police shooting of boy released</a></b><br><a href="">UVA pledges zero-tolerance policy in rape cases</a></b><br><a href="">Bill Cosby facing litany of allegations</a></b><br><a href="">Why blacks are urging a Black Friday boycott (Opinion)</a></b><br></p> </div> <div class="clear"> </div> </div> <!-- / Double content block --> <!-- Double content block --> <div class="doublecontent"> <div class="doubleleft"> <img src="/images/rfi.png" height="30" title="Latest News - RFI" alt="Latest News - RFI"><br><hr> <p><a href="">FRANCE - EUROPEAN UNION: European Commission pursues France over controversial dam project</a></b><br><a href="">FRANCE - UNITED KINGDOM - NEW ZEALAND: Shy British WWII spy heroine receives French Legion of Honour</a></b><br><a href="">EUROPEAN UNION: Pope urges EU to help migrants</a></b><br><a href="">FRANCE - RUSSIA: France suspends Mistral warship delivery to Russia over Ukraine crisis</a></b><br><a href="">FRANCE: Thales and Siemens win 500 million euros contract for trains in Spain</a></b><br><a href="">FRANCE/SPORTS/FOOTBALL: PSG hit by injury woes ahead of Champions League clash</a></b><br><a href="">FRANCE - JORDAN - IRAQ: French jets due in Jordan to help fight against IS group</a></b><br><a href="">FRANCE: Sarkozy on track to regain control of the French Right</a></b><br><a href="">INTERNATIONAL MEDIA: Wikileaks Assange's demand for a revocation of extradition order rejected</a></b><br><a href="">FRANCE: France's ex-first lady in UK to tell all on Hollande</a></b><br><a href="">FRANCE: More bad news for Hollande as close ally resigns</a></b><br><a href="">FRANCE - UNITED KINGDOM - SWITZERLAND: HSBC charged in 180-billion-euro French tax fraud probe</a></b><br><a href="">FRANCE - RUSSIA: Second Russian Mistral warship nears launch in French shipyard</a></b><br><a href="">FRANCE - BRITAIN - BELGIUM: 1,300 stranded for eight hours on Eurostar</a></b><br><a href="">INTERNATIONAL REPORT: Dublin Web Summit: part 5</a></b><br></p> </div> <div class="doubleright"> <img src="/images/newsau.jpg" height="30" title="Latest News -" alt="Latest News -"> <br><hr> <p><a href="">Foreign investment brokers face crackdown</a></b><br><a href="">Lazarus won't change mind on uni reforms</a></b><br><a href="">ARIA organiser's respond to Sia</a></b><br><a href="">Qld 'ecstasy dealer' caught at schoolies</a></b><br><a href="">Woman granted bail over Sydney gang murder</a></b><br><a href="">Perth bikies charged over bashings</a></b><br><a href="">Man drowns in Gold Coast pool</a></b><br><a href="">Govt to review cybersecurity threat</a></b><br><a href="">24/7 pharmacies promised under Vic Labor</a></b><br><a href="">Qld police seize $500k cash in bikie raids</a></b><br><a href="">SA schoolies generally well behaved</a></b><br><a href="">ACTU to launch new asbestos compo fight</a></b><br><a href="">Sia the Queen of the ARIAs</a></b><br><a href="">ARIAs honour Molly Meldrum</a></b><br><a href="">Lundy to quit federal politics</a></b><br><a href="">Driver charged over Sydney multi-car crash</a></b><br><a href="">Scott Morrison granted broad new powers</a></b><br><a href="">Qld to restrict sale of e-cigarettes</a></b><br><a href="">WA bushfire threat downgraded</a></b><br></p> </div> <div class="clear"> </div> </div> <!-- / Double content block --> <!-- Footer block --> <div class="footer"> <p> <h2><a href="">Home</a> | <a href="" title="RSS Feed" alt="RSS Feed">RSS</a> | <a href="" title="Latest News Aggregator" alt="Latest News Aggregator">About</a> | <a href="">News Search</a> | <a href="">News Archives</a> </h2> </p><br> <br> </div> <!-- / Footer block --> </div> <!-- / Layout setting --> <!-- Start of StatCounter Code --> <script type="text/javascript"> var sc_project=6698461; var sc_invisible=1; var sc_security="5621cbae"; </script> <script type="text/javascript" src=""></script><noscript><div class="statcounter"><a title="tumblr visitor stats" href="" target="_blank"><img class="statcounter" src="" alt="tumblr visitor stats" ></a></div></noscript> <!-- End of StatCounter Code --> <div id="73015adbc920d92c343bb6fd8117f128"></div> </body> </html>