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Calif. town orders police department to get rid of MRAP vehicle
Captured IS Suicide Bomber in Peshmerga hands "When he is treated and well, he will go to prison and rot there for the rest of his life. He will be denied martyrdom. The Kurds want the foreign fighters to know that." - Sky News
Wage Theft is on the Rise in America
Sewer Workers Battle Through A 'Fatberg' (Comprised Primarily of Discarded Cooking Oil and Wet Wipes) The Size Of A Boeing 747 Under London
A 67-year-old stroke victim, who needed a walker to get around, was stabbed to death after interrupting a burglary when he returned to his Staten Island home Sunday night. Suspect in custody.
The U.S. Military is currently conducting an operation in Somalia
Apple patches "Find My iPhone" exploit that may have been used to hack iCloud accounts
Low carb diets more than low fat ones may help protect against heart disease.
Cities scramble to upgrade “stingray” tracking as end of 2G network looms
4Chan hacker disappointed by lack of money earned from naked celebrity leaks
Ferguson Police Now Using Body Cameras
Fairbanks, Alaska spends $7,000 defending mayor's $37.50 election fine
Revolutionary stem-cell ALS treatment begins advanced trials - Israeli BrainStorm’s NurOwn enhanced adult stem cells seem to halt the progression of incurable neurodegenerative diseases.
Guantánamo Bay: US government pays $3 million for each prisoner
The UN says it has received reports from Iraq that "reveal acts of inhumanity on an unimaginable scale". IS was believed to have committed systematic and intentional attacks on civilians. They include targeted killings, forced conversions, slavery, sexual abuse & the besieging of entire communities.
Judge temporarily blocks law that could close all Louisiana abortion clinics

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ISIS has turned northern Iraq into 'blood-soaked killing fields', says Amnesty International as new evidence of ethnic cleansing against minorities emerges 
Banks shamed again as more complaints are upheld: Number ombudsman decides in favour of customers up by 6% in first six months of the year
Lawyer dubbed 'Harry Potter' by judge for wearing medals on robe investigated over fake claims
Scottish independence on a knife edge: Yes vote closes gap to 6 points after surge in support for breaking up the UK
Joan Rivers joked about 'going in for procedure' the night before operation
'Lucas is our gift from Oscar': Family's joy after baby boy is born four months after his big brother died 
New wave of leaks plague celebrities as authorities prove unable to stop spread while some suggest naked photos were passed around users in an online CLUB for months
There's an asteroid with out name on it: Brian Cox warns a space rock will wipe out humanity (if robots don't get there first)
EPHRAIM HARDCASTLE: John Prescott is an ice bucket veteran... without taking part in the internet challenge
'A big fall in UK tourists will have serious implications for the wildlife': Born Free actress Virginia McKenna reveals how 30 years on she's still wild about Kenya
Boyfriend who tortured and stabbed his girlfriend with two-hour ordeal and threatened she would need 'a closed casket' is jailed
Man plunged five floors to his death after prising open the doors of a broken down lift to climb out and falling through the shaft
Ryanair is snubbed as budget easyJet edges into list of world's top 10 airlines ... and British Airways steals number one spot
Ryanair is snubbed as budget easyJet edges into list of world's top 10 airlines ... and British Airways steals number one spot
Going Gaga for the Fasano: Inside Rio's coolest hotel which boasts Madonna and One Direction among its star guests


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