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Public County in Georgia to Start Randomly Drug Testing Students Next Year: Students at the five high schools in the Carroll County school system will be subject to random drug testing starting next school year.
Study: Majority of Americans prefer gun rights over expanded gun control
Two Marion SC police to be sentenced for using unreasonable force in repeatedly tasering seated cuffed woman who poised no threat.
Gang members kill couple to prevent testimony
Baltimore's City Paper photo editor J.M. Giordano beaten by police at Freddie Gray protest
New study shows that universities have a "two-to-one preference for female applicants" (67.3%) in STEM professorships.
Obama administration fights for right to use cellphone kill switch
Three family members charged in Texas "honor killing" of Iranian activist
For-profit Corinthian Colleges to shut down all 28 remaining campuses
Reporter is robbed on-air while filming Baltimore protests
Violence mars Baltimore protest over police custody death: Local television footage showed a crowd hurling traffic cones, soda bottles and trash cans at police officers, before randomly smashing store windows, looting merchandise and vandalizing police cars.
NBC inquiry is said to find 11 instances when Brian Williams embellished
Dundalk man attacked by group of juveniles, victim in critical condition in medically induced coma: A Dundalk man attacked by a large group of kids as he tried to break up a fight remains in critical condition in a medically induced coma.
Arlington Homeowner Kills Teen Intruder: Police
For-profit Corinthian College to close all of it's schools in the wake of federal investigation
Land rising out of the sea in Hokkaido Japan — Rose 50 feet (over 1,000 feet long) over night

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Underground bunkers, tactical weapons and zombies: Hundreds of 'Preppers' learn how to combat the apocalypse at Utah expo
Pope Francis leads mass of ordination at the Vatican as he warns new priests to avoid being 'boring' or 'acting like a peacock'
Sick image of baby with gun, grenade and ISIS birth certificate 
Do you have a male or female brain? The simple test that investigates your 'gender personality'... and the answer will surprise you
National Trust angers historians after swapping antique furniture for beanbags at country home as part of 'experiment'
Bali Nine pair to be shot after the stroke of midnight on Wednesday
Guide shouted: Get out of your tents! Then we saw the avalanche coming: Terrified newly weds tell how they cheated death in Everest camp
The sound of beauty: Men can tell if a woman is attractive simply by listening to her voice
George Clooney and wife Amal marry their way onto the list of Britain's super-rich
A light lit over Bojo's bean as he savaged Red Ed over failure to tackle non-doms: QUENTIN LETTS watches Boris v Backstabber
Britain set for a polar plunge: After a record warm month we will be hit by ice, sleet, snow, rain and temperatures of -5C today
Captured in all its fury, the snow tsunami seconds before it flattened Everest camp: Photographer caught dramatic moment as death toll in Nepal reaches 2,500 
Bad back? Blame it on the chimps:
With Tidal in the crosshairs, Jay Z defends streaming service in a flurry of tweets... claiming smear campaign and pledging 'our actions will speak louder than words'
You won't get far without us Ed, scoffs Sturgeon: SNP leader derides Miliband's attempts to rule out post-election pact