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Hydrocodone combination products (Vicodin, Norco) are being rescheduled by the DEA as C2's, making them as controlled as Cocaine, in 45 days.
Oklahoma City policeman arrested for raping at least 6 women while on patrol
Teacher raises nearly $80,000 to feed Ferguson kids who can’t get meals at shuttered schools
Atlantic City police get body cameras
Petition asking cops to wear body cameras passes 100K. FERGUSON, Mo. — A petition asking the White House to look into requiring all state, county and local police to wear lapel cameras has reached 100,000 signatures.
8-year-old allegedly beaten to death by his mother and her boyfriend after dousing him with pepper spray, forcing him to eat his own vomit and locking him in a cabinet with a sock stuffed in his mouth to muffle his screams
Judge rules NC school voucher program unconstitutional: the state is required to ensure students receive a sound education, and the judge said lawmakers can't delegate that authority to "unregulated private schools" and to parents "who have self-assessed their children to be at risk."
San Diego Police Department orders and receives 147 Bayonet Knives from the Military Surplus program.
A writer who has been a strong voice behind corruption allegations within her local police department now has a warrant out for her arrest for false reporting of a crime
Pennsylvania woman convicted of downloading child porn to try to frame estranged husband
Bank of America in record $16.7bn payout: Bank of America has agreed to pay a record $16.7bn (£10bn) to US authorities for misleading investors about the quality of loans it sold.
Employers Can Legally Lie to Workers, Court Rules
Comcast incompetence inspires more painful tales from customers
A prosecutor says he'll dismiss a firearms charge against a man who contends he was following the advice of Vice President Joe Biden when he fired a shotgun in the air to chase off intruders.
Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson is nowhere to be found
U.S. Copyright Office: Photos Taken by a Monkey Can't Be Copyrighted


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