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Hostage saves herself via Pizza Hut app: “Please help. Get 911 to me.”
Most millionaires say they're middle class
Utah Med students demand explanation from Professor for signing Amicus brief that states "same-sex marriage would cause 900,000 abortions"
DEA to traveler: Thanks, I’ll take that cash
Millennials are more likely to accept pay decreases, give up promotions, move, or change jobs in return for increased work-life balance
Retirement 'More Myth Than Reality,' Survey Finds: 61% of Americans expect to continue working past the age of 65
Undercover pig farm investigation in Colorado leads to 7 firings: "The graphic video... shows pigs being beaten with cans and apparently injured by employees at the Phillips County facility."
Divers find fake skeletons having tea party in Colorado River
NFL finds Patriots employees probably deflated balls
Teacher holds autistic child upside down with his head in a trash can as punishment. Cruelty to children charges filed.
Baltimore Mayor Calls for Federal Investigation Into Police
Chicago agrees to pay $5.5m to victims of police torture in 1970s and 80s - Historic deal will see reparations paid to those tortured by police commander Jon Burge, who ran a group of rogue detectives know as the Midnight Crew.
Massachusetts town to begin sending addicts for treatment rather than to jail
Protests gathering in Venice Beach after unarmed homeless man shot and killed by police
Comcast to pay you $20 each time a technician is late for an appointment
Drought kills 12 million trees in California's national forests