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Creationist Museum supporter, who thinks Earth is only 6,000 yrs old, accidentally finds 60 million yr old fossil
To sunset the PATRIOT Act, over 10,000 web sites are now blacking out access to Congress, redirecting to the naked photos of indignant NSA protestors.
Emails Reveal Ag-Gag Bill was crafted by Dairy Lobby
Journalist reveals that "chocolate makes you thin" report was fake, designed to test what science media will reprint without checking sources
Delaware to vote on "assisted suicide" bill
U.S. EPA proposing temporary pesticide-free zones for honeybees
Boston University prof. who denounced 'White Masculinity' was charged with identity theft: While she was a graduate student at the University of Michigan, Grundy was convicted of a misdemeanor after she created a fake profile of another woman on an adult website as part of a jealous revenge scheme.
Anheuser-Busch Halts Beer Production to Provide Clean Water for Texas, Oklahoma Storm Victims
Entire Orange County D.A. is removed from murder trial following revelations of widespread prosecutorial misconduct
Organizer encourages guns at Mohammed cartoon contest planned in Arizona today
Mysterious low-flying plane circled Minneapolis, the Mall of America and Southdale for hours late at nigh
Visa becomes first FIFA sponsor to warn it could jump ship - FOX 32 News Chicago
Amazon rolls out free same-day delivery for Prime members
FBI investigating Johnson & Johnson surgical tool suspected of spreading cancer
MDMA May Work As Anti-Anxiety Medicine: Research also suggest it can help people with autism
Man makes most of final months with beloved dog with cross-country bucket list vacation

Latest News - Mail Online

Husband hires a Ferrari for wife's 50th birthday when pothole damages it
FIFA election 2015 LIVE: Sepp Blatter's future in the balance amid corruption scandal and arrests
Londoners lift double decker bus off trapped unicyclist in amazing footage
Incredible paintings by British explorer of failed 1875 expedition to the North Pole 37 years before Scott's doomed Antarctic trip set to sell for £150,000 
Paul Wickerson dies after two bouncers kidnapped him in 'Bushtucker Trial'
Do YOU reach for junk food after a bad day? You must be impulsive: People who act rashly are 'more likely to binge eat'
MP is caught watching porn on his phone during parliamentary debate... and even shares it with his colleagues so they can view it over his shoulder in Brazil
Grandmother launches campaign against circus because she thinks it has a dancing polar bear - but it's actually a man in a costume
Wear contact lenses? Read this - and you'll never swim in them or fail to wash your hands again
Teen Kazi Islam jailed for terror grooming man into attacking British soldier
AirAsia passenger tries to open plane door and kicks security after being late
Comedian whose apartment was trashed by Airbnb guests in 'Freak Fest orgy' says his life has been ruined because he has been blacklisted by NY landlords and is homeless 
Widow about to become 100 years old with no surviving family receives 16 THOUSAND birthday cards and gifts from around the world after social media appeal
Polly Phillips receives 'wife bonus' from her husband and says it is 'feminist'
Man films 'out of control' turbulence on Turkish Airlines from first class cabin