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Woman dies after metal detector causes pacemaker to malfunction
Cleveland police officer shoots 12-year-old boy
Prices of common generic drugs skyrocketed in the last year. US Senate started an investigation.
The University of Virginia suspended all fraternities Saturday and launches a criminal investigation into harrowing sexual assault allegations stemming back to 2012. The Rolling Stone published Wednesday profile of female student who was gang-raped during a frat party.
FSU shooter, Myron May, had friends who saw the signs and tried desperately to help him only to have the healthcare system fail them and the shooter himself.
Women charged with false rape accusations at Keene State College
FBI arrests 2 New Black Panther members in Ferguson bomb plot
Cleveland police officer shoots 12-year-old boy carrying BB gun: "The child did not threaten the officer verbally or physically. At least one of the shots hit the child in the stomach."
'Suicide' ruling in North Carolina teen's death challenged in new review of case: Forensic pathologist questions procedures followed by authorities after Lennon Lacy, 17, was found hanging from a swing set in a largely white trailer park
Cameras that read 263,430 license plates in Menlo Park net a single arrest
Bill de Blasio's wife has a Chief of Staff whose salary is $170,000 a year, yet she does not have a staff.
Court rules Michigan has no responsibility to provide quality public education
Naked man falls through women's bathroom ceiling at Boston airport, runs out and bites elderly man
Children Strip-Searched At New Philadelphia Family Courthouse
University of Virginia suspends fraternities after report on gang rape allegation
Boehner hires third lawyer to sue Obama

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Online spending to fuel record festive sales with shoppers to spend £74BN
Stars arrive at home of Diane Sawyer to pay their respects to her late Oscar-winning director husband Mike Nichols who died suddenly of a heart attack at 83
Pictured: AC/DC drummer Phil Rudd rocking on outside his home just four days before appearing in court on kill threat charges
Boy, 12, carrying a BB gun shot TWICE by Cleveland cop despite witness telling 911 dispatcher the weapon was 'probably fake'
Playboy playmate among new women to accuse of Cosby of sexual assault as his lawyer describes claims as 'increasingly ridiculous' 
Naked man, 26, 'falls through ceiling into women's bathroom and assaults man, 84, in bizarre rampage at Boston's Logan Airport'
Lily Allen: 'Who wouldn't be jealous of me? I'm the poster girl for someone who has it all'
Are we BORN to cheat? Scientists discover gene that suggests we inherit adultery from our parents
Have yourself a very selfie Christmas: LIZ JONES on the stocking filler phenomenon that has YOUR name on it 
You weren't expecting this, 007. But...BLOFELD'S BACK! Bond will be having kittens as evil foe returns - with double Oscar winner Christoph Waltz tipped to play him 
Rapist footballer Ched Evan's escape route to foreign league blocked
Gorilla warfare! Angry ape throws rock at tourists when they try to video him at Berlin Zoo 
RACHEL JOHNSON: Who's really behind the mansion tax? Posh snobs!
Labour MP claims 2,000 Britons fighting for jihad in Iraq and Syria as two more UK citizens killed fighting for ISIS
Colchester Hospital branded one of worst in England after 'complaints nearly double to 3,000 in just a year as it faces a shortfall of 170 nurses'


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