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Apple patches "Find My iPhone" exploit that may have been used to hack iCloud accounts
After unrest over shooting, Ferguson police now wear body cameras
Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton, and Ariana Grande among celebrities exposed in the biggest nude photo leak in recent memory.
A Mexican woman has become the world’s oldest person as she is celebrating her 127 birthday today, her friends and relatives say. She attributes her long life to eating chocolate, sleeping for days on end and never getting married.
Mexico probes mass fish death in Lake Cajititlan: Hundreds of thousands of fish have been washed up on the shores of Lake Cajititlan in the Mexican state of Jalisco over the past week. Almost 50 tonnes of dead popoche chub freshwater fish have been removed from the lake.
4Chan hacker disappointed by lack of money earned from naked celebrity leaks
After a crackdown on cheating, three-quarters of Cambodian high school students failed their final year exam. Of 93,000 students, only 11 got an A
Japan's annual dolphin slaughter begins at Taiji cove: Bad weather could delay killing on first day of controversial six-month dolphin hunting season, official says.
Judge temporarily blocks law that could close all Louisiana abortion clinics
This could be the Apple iCloud flaw that led to celebrity photos being leaked
The UN says it has received reports from Iraq that "reveal acts of inhumanity on an unimaginable scale". IS was believed to have committed systematic and intentional attacks on civilians. They include targeted killings, forced conversions, slavery, sexual abuse & the besieging of entire communities.
Man Accused Of Leaking Naked Celebrity iCloud Photos Denies Everything
Ferguson Police Now Using Body Cameras
3 children killed in knife attack on Chinese school
Jennifer Lawrence requests nude pics investigation
Israel to take over West Bank land

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Iran's Zarif 'quite optimistic' of Iran nuclear agreement
Ukraine accuses Russia of "undisguised aggression" as rebels advance
Ukraine rebels seek 'special status', crisis talks to resume on Friday
Ban on buying Russian bonds eyed as EU envoys meet: sources
Detained Americans in North Korea seek U.S. help
Syrian army, rebels fight on Golan where peacekeepers held
Britain unveils powers to strip suspected Islamist fighters of passports
Ireland demands review of U.N. Golan Heights mandate
Securing release of three U.S. detainees in North Korea is a top priority: White House
U.S. asks North Korea to release U.S. citizens 'out of humanitarian concern'
NATO to create new 'spearhead' force to respond to crises
Afghan talks on unity government collapse; crisis deepens
European investors look past Ukraine, focus on ECB
Pakistani protesters clash with police, soldiers secure state TV
Putin's 'statehood' gambit raises stakes in east Ukraine
UK PM Cameron says Russian troops in Ukraine 'unjustified and unacceptable'
Pakistan government considers decisive action against protesters
U.S. urges restraint in Pakistan political crisis
'We told you so' - Baltic jitters grow over former ruler Russia
Factory activity in Europe, Asia cools; demand lull a concern
Pro-government Syrian activist arrested after rare public dissent
Ball in Ukraine's court over NATO after election: alliance chief
Clashes resume in Pakistani capital, police fire teargas
U.S. inflation bonds back in vogue
Ukrainians pull back from airport; Poroshenko slams Russia
Merkel says Russian behavior in Ukraine cannot go unanswered


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