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Black residents protect white-owned store in Ferguson during a major riot.
Denver Police accused of using excessive force, illegal search: "has obtained video of a Denver Police officer punching an unarmed suspect in the face six times, then moments later, tripping the man’s seven-and-a-half-months pregnant girlfriend."
Buffalo police officer charged with stealing $130 from woman’s purse - after a Good Samaritan discovered purse and turned it over to a police officer asked the officer to find the owner and return the property.”
Putin released a Siberian tiger into the wild — now it’s tormenting Chinese farmers
Video of Cleveland Police officer shooting 12 year old Tamir Rice
Buccaneers’ Stadium Caught Selling Colored Water As Alcohol
Student took this photo of a bear just before it killed him
AT&T told to stop calling U-verse the “Fastest Internet for the price”. AT&T didn't make it clear that "fastest for the price" gets you only 3Mbps.
27 and 48-Yr Old GIs Die in Afghanistan - They died Nov. 24, in Kabul, Afghanistan, of wounds suffered when the enemy attacked their vehicle with a vehicle borne IED. Killed were: Spc. Joseph W. Riley, 27, of Grove City, OH and Sgt. Maj. Wardell B. Turner, 48, of Nanticoke, MD.
Almost 25% of cancer cases in the USA are linked to obesity, WHO report
Texas law that lets cops draw blood without warrant tossed by appeals court
Ferguson protesters block I-5 in La Jolla
‘Justice for Dillon Taylor’ sought for white Utah man fatally shot by black officer.
Video Shows Cleveland Cop Shoot 12-Year-Old Tamir Rice Within Seconds
Ferguson mayor says he was unaware of racial ‘frustrations’ in community until Michael Brown shooting
89 percent of Minnesotans believe climate change is occurring now, while 7 percent do not believe it is and the rest don't know.

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Holiday Havoc: Storm Ices Roads and Cancels 700 Flights
Calm in Ferguson While Police Arrest 130-Plus in L.A., Oakland
Australian Cricket Star Dies After 'Freak Accident'
Australian Cricketer Phillip Hughes Dies From Head Injury
Los Angeles Police Arrest Ferguson Protesters
Mom Accused in Hit Man Plot Against Daughter's Ex
These Parade Performers Are Ready For Their Close-Up
Thieves Ram Car Into Store in Smash-and-Grab
High Speed Drama: Police Chase Runs Out of Road
Cop Who Killed 12-Year-Old Acted 'Quickly,' Family Says
Kansas Foster Dad Pleads Guilty in Hot-Car Death
Canadian Radio Celebrity Charged With Sex Assault
Hope At Last: Ebola Vaccine Trial Seems to Work
Howls of Protest: Feds Yank Wolf-Kill Derby Permit
Man Caught With Guns and Crossbows at JFK Airport
94-Year-Old Caught With Guns and Crossbows at JFK Airport
Donors Give $200K to Bakery Trashed in Ferguson Unrest
Donors Give $130K to Bakery Trashed in Ferguson Unrest
Texas Police Officer Kills Suspect After Chase
Say Cheese! Obama Pardons Turkey From 'Delicious Fate'
version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8'?> NBC News Top Stories</a></b><br><a href="">Holiday Havoc: Storm Ices Roads and Cancels 700 Flights</a></b><br><a href="">Calm in Ferguson While Police Arrest 130-Plus in L.A., Oakland</a></b><br><a href="">Australian Cricket Star Dies After 'Freak Accident'</a></b><br><a href="">Australian Cricketer Phillip Hughes Dies From Head Injury</a></b><br></p> </div> <div class="doubleright"> <img src="/images/mail_o.gif" height="30" title="Latest News - Mail Online" alt="Latest News - Mail Online"><br><hr> <p><a href=" "> Was Shakespeare gay? Row breaks out between experts on playwright over whether lines from the sonnets reveal his sexuality </a></b><br><a href=" "> Andy Murray gets engaged to girlfriend of nine years Kim Sears </a></b><br><a href=" "> St Winifred's choir who topped charts in 1980 reunited for TV show  </a></b><br><a href=" "> Suicide bomber 'on motorbike' attacks British diplomatic vehicle in Afghan capital killing at least five people </a></b><br><a href=" "> More than 1,000 people protest outside US embassy in London over Ferguson </a></b><br><a href=" "> Mother Joanne Fowler turned avenger over son Matthew's abuse by his uncle </a></b><br><a href=" "> Earth is being protected by a 'Star Trek-style invisible shield' </a></b><br><a href=" "> Harriet Green has left Thomas Cook as CEO calling the decision 'mutual ' </a></b><br><a href=" "> Thanksgiving travel misery as over 550 flights cancelled and more delayed </a></b><br><a href=" "> Memory gene offers hope on Alzheimer's: Scientists identify DNA that affects how good memory is in middle age </a></b><br><a href=" "> Cricket's darkest day: Test cricketer Phillip Hughes dies two days after he was struck in the head by a bouncer - as devastated bowler Sean Abbott who delivered the fatal ball leaves hospital in tears </a></b><br><a href=" "> Paul Kohler beaten in £2m home by Polish criminals free to enter UK </a></b><br><a href=" "> How does Dallas' Sue Ellen look BETTER the older she gets? </a></b><br><a href=" "> Pharrell accuses Michael Brown of 'bully-ish' behavior and says unarmed teen was 'asking for trouble' the day he was shot dead by police officer </a></b><br><a href=" "> Independence Day 2 release date set for 2016 (but Will Smith won't be back) </a></b><br></p> </div> <div class="clear"> </div> </div> <!-- / Double content block --> <!-- Double content block --> <div class="doublecontent"> <div class="doubleleft"> <br><a href=""><img src="/images/movies.gif" alt="Free online movies" title="Free online movies" border="0" width="100%"></a> </div> <div class="doubleright"> <br><a href=""><img src="/images/ebook.gif" alt="How to? Windows 7 Tips and tricks" title="How to? Windows 7 Tips and tricks" border="0" width="100%"></a> </div> <div class="clear"> </div> </div> <!-- / Double content block --> <!-- Double content block --> <div class="doublecontent"> <div class="doubleleft"> <img src="/images/google.gif" height="30" title="Latest News - Google" alt="Latest News - Google"><br><hr> <p><a href="">Protests in Ferguson, elsewhere muted after two nights of racial unrest - Reuters</a></b><br><a href="">Nor'easter Nightmare: Thanksgiving Travel is Chaos for East Coast -</a></b><br><a href="">Australian Cricketer Phillip Hughes Dies From Head Injury at 25 - Businessweek</a></b><br><a href="">Motorcycle suicide bomber hits British embassy vehicle in Afghan capital - Reuters</a></b><br><a href="">US troops played key role in Yemen rescue mission -</a></b><br><a href="">First Human Ebola Vaccine Trial Shows It Seems to Work -</a></b><br><a href="">7 Hong Kong police officers arrested for alleged assault on protester HK police ... - CNN</a></b><br><a href="">Toyota recalls more cars for dangerous Takata air bags - Reuters</a></b><br><a href="">Cleveland police officer shot Tamir Rice immediately after leaving moving patrol ... -</a></b><br></p> </div> <div class="doubleright"> <img src="/images/usa.jpg" height="30" title="Latest News - USA Today" alt="Latest News - USA Today"><br><hr> <p><a href="">1 million apply on in first week</a></b><br><a href="">Darren Wilson contemplates what to do next with his life</a></b><br><a href="">Family hears son's heart beat in another man's chest</a></b><br><a href="">Cops: Officer wanted '10 future' sex acts to fix ticket</a></b><br><a href="">Grand jury charges are easy, except against police</a></b><br><a href="">Wednesday flights: Cancellations hit 630 on busy travel day</a></b><br><a href="">Coca-Cola's new venture: Expensive milk</a></b><br><a href="">Justice Ginsburg has stent implanted in heart procedure</a></b><br><a href="">Congress finds cause to agree on: Disability assistance</a></b><br><a href="">Macy's parade: Past and present</a></b><br><a href="">New Orleans swamp tours tout wildlife over nightlife</a></b><br><a href="">Hiker took photos of bear before it mauled him</a></b><br></p> </div> <div class="clear"> </div> </div> <!-- / Double content block --> <!-- Double content block --> <div class="doublecontent"> <div class="doubleleft"> <img src="/images/latimes.png" height="30" title="Latest News - latimes" alt="Latest News - LATimes"><br><hr> <p><a href="">Hidden video camera provides a close-up look at condor living</a></b><br><a href="">In 1915, 'human semaphores' took over traffic control in L.A.</a></b><br><a href="">Heat, drought worsen smog in California, stalling decades of progress</a></b><br><a href="">California geologist says quake fault lies beneath Hollywood project</a></b><br><a href="">Young father gunned down at Altadena burger stand was 'not some street thug'</a></b><br><a href="">Unions remain a crucial backer of Gov. Jerry Brown's campaign</a></b><br><a href="">Cricketer Phillip Hughes dies after being struck by cricket ball</a></b><br></p> </div> <div class="doubleright"> <img src="/images/wsj.gif" height="30" title="Latest News - WSJ" alt="Latest News - WSJ"> <br><hr> <p><a href="">Tensions Simmer After Ferguson Shooting Decision</a></b><br><a href="">Ferguson Protesters Aim for Bigger Movement</a></b><br><a href="">Ferguson Businesses Face Rebuilding Effort</a></b><br><a href="">EPA Proposes Stricter Ozone Standard</a></b><br><a href="">Supreme Court to Review EPA Rule on Power-Plant Emissions</a></b><br><a href="">Justice Ginsburg Undergoes Heart Procedure to Treat Coronary Blockage</a></b><br><a href="">U.S. Plays Key Role in Yemen Rescue</a></b><br></p> </div> <div class="clear"> </div> </div> <!-- / Double content block --> <!-- Double content block --> <div class="doublecontent"> <div class="doubleleft"> <img src="/images/chron.jpg" height="30" title="Latest News -" alt="Latest News -"><br><hr> <p><a href="">Brown death could hasten police body cameras</a></b><br><a href="">Cause of Edna fire that killed 5 probed</a></b><br><a href="">Texas appeals court judge calls for abolishing death penalty</a></b><br><a href="">Goodfellows, now entering 102nd year, reaches out to brighten holidays for needy children</a></b><br><a href="">Expect spike in crime this holiday season</a></b><br><a href="">Holiday closings</a></b><br><a href="">Realtor of the week: Customer service top priority for Realtor, team</a></b><br><a href="">GHBA Remodelers Council: GHBA members receive multiple awards</a></b><br><a href="">RE/MAX Realtors provideholiday cheer to local military</a></b><br><a href="">Real People: Thanksgiving week offers reflection, food aplenty in real estate offices</a></b><br><a href="">Final Sunday Supper set</a></b><br><a href="">Realtor View: Save energy to leave more green in your pockets</a></b><br><a href="">Ask George & Chuck: Wandering property line holds up lot sale</a></b><br><a href="">Community Spotlight: Briargrove community offers 'neighborliness'</a></b><br><a href="">Dog rescue group hosts annual fundraiser, adoption event</a></b><br><a href="">Brown death could hasten police body cameras</a></b><br><a href="">Cause of Edna fire that killed 5 probed</a></b><br><a href="">Texas appeals court judge calls for abolishing death penalty</a></b><br></p> </div> <div class="doubleright"> <img src="/images/bbc.jpg" height="30" title="Latest News - BBC" alt="Latest News - BBC"> <br><hr> <p><a href="">Australia batsman Phillip Hughes dies</a></b><br><a href="">Afghan attack hits UK embassy car</a></b><br><a href="">East Coast rail winner announced</a></b><br><a href="">Oil price falls ahead of Opec meeting</a></b><br><a href="">Commission to urge Scottish tax power</a></b><br><a href="">Ebola vaccine trial 'promising'</a></b><br><a href="">Many elderly 'struggle' at home</a></b><br><a href="">Manhunt after pair stabbed to death</a></b><br><a href="">Vinyl record sales hit 18-year high</a></b><br><a href="">'No new grand jury' in Ferguson case</a></b><br><a href="">US planes 'may use British carrier'</a></b><br><a href="">Guidelines favour weight loss ops</a></b><br><a href="">GPs 'failing' to find liver disease</a></b><br><a href="">VIDEO: Parrots find home in Caracas</a></b><br><a href="">VIDEO: Extreme weather and its risk to lives</a></b><br><a href="">VIDEO: Life in the UK as a Romanian migrant</a></b><br><a href="">VIDEO: Magazine for drug users goes on sale</a></b><br><a href="">VIDEO: Obama pardons Thanksgiving turkeys</a></b><br><a href="">VIDEO: 'I found rare Shakespeare Folio'</a></b><br></p> </div> <div class="clear"> </div> </div> <!-- / Double content block --> <!-- Double content block --> <div class="doublecontent"> <div class="doubleleft"> <img src="/images/forbes.png" height="30" title="Latest News - Forbes" alt="Latest News - Forbes"><br><hr> <p><a href="">Microsoft Leaks Its Own Acquisition Announcement--Is Redmond Scooping Up Email Startup Acompli?</a></b><br><a href="">Phil Hughes Dies In Tragic Cricket Accident, As Australia Mourns 'Heartbreaking Day'</a></b><br><a href="">Shop Green! Eco-Friendly Cyber Monday Deals From A-Z</a></b><br><a href="">Creed's Scott Stapp Alleges IRS Error Left Him Penniless & Homeless</a></b><br><a href="">The Facts On Increasing The Minimum Wage</a></b><br><a href="">Chinese Billionaire Liu Yiqian Adds $45 million Thangka To His Art Collection</a></b><br><a href="">Myanmar Digital Startup NEX Gets 2nd Round Funds From Blibros</a></b><br><a href="">The 8 Most Inspiring Things Human Beings Do Every Day</a></b><br><a href="">Nominees for Outstanding Human Rights Work</a></b><br><a href="">On Faith And Finance</a></b><br><a href="">In Response To Azure Outages, Amazon Has Its Day Of Doom--AWS Cloudfront Suffers Global Issue</a></b><br><a href="">iPad Sales Slump As Android Tablets Soar</a></b><br><a href="">Optimizing Metadata Is A Key To Future Storage</a></b><br><a href="">Computerworld's 2015 Forecast Predicts Security, Cloud Computing And Analytics Will Lead IT Spending  </a></b><br></p> </div> <div class="doubleright"> <img src="/images/sfgate.png" height="30" title="Latest News - SFGate" alt="Latest News - SFGate"> <br><hr> <p><a href="">Oakland sees violent protests for 3rd straight night</a></b><br><a href="">Looting in Oakland protests: Some justify it, others condemn it</a></b><br><a href="">'Independent old lady’ shaken, but not broken, by Napa quake</a></b><br><a href="">S.F. Animal Care and Control dogged by heavy calls, low staffing</a></b><br><a href="">Oakland protesters show they’re in charge</a></b><br><a href="">Life-science startups find new life in used equipment</a></b><br><a href="">Extending S.F.’s Central Subway would draw riders, study says</a></b><br><a href="">Thanksgiving holiday transit and services</a></b><br><a href="">Several days of rain to follow sunny Thanksgiving</a></b><br><a href="">Pet massage gaining popularity</a></b><br><a href="">As years pass, gratitude for Thanksgiving holiday table grows</a></b><br><a href="">Democratic bigwigs fail to sway garbage deal in Daly City</a></b><br><a href="">Oakland protests over Ferguson decision turn violent</a></b><br><a href="">S.F. supervisors give city’s power utility a big boost</a></b><br><a href="">Heavy Thanksgiving travel expected as more loosen belts</a></b><br><a href="">Oakland sees violent protests for 3rd straight night</a></b><br></p> </div> <div class="clear"> </div> </div> <!-- / Double content block --> <!-- Double content block --> <div class="doublecontent"> <div class="doubleleft"> <img src="/images/thestar.gif" height="30" title="Latest News - The Star" alt="Latest News - The Star"><br><hr> <p><a href="">Ghomeshi’s spectacular fall from grace: DiManno</a></b><br><a href="">Jian Ghomeshi: Evidence could be weakened by time since alleged attacks</a></b><br><a href="">Give child advocate powers he needs, NDP says</a></b><br><a href="">How Ghomeshi scandal sparked global dialogue on rape</a></b><br><a href="">Veteran OPP officer charged with sexual assault</a></b><br><a href="">Man in serious condition after east-end collision</a></b><br><a href="">Toronto residents want Uber to stay: poll</a></b><br><a href="">Toronto voters want ranked ballots, smaller city council, poll finds</a></b><br><a href="">Jian Ghomeshi now in ‘the hands of the justice system’</a></b><br><a href="">TDSB votes to proceed with controversial Central Tech dome</a></b><br><a href="">Jian Ghomeshi: once talkative and energetic, he’s reduced to silent and absent figure</a></b><br><a href="">Scattered protests spill into St. Louis as Ferguson clean-up continues</a></b><br><a href="">Canada finds a home on Twitter</a></b><br><a href="">Ticks carrying Lyme disease bacteria found in Rouge Valley</a></b><br><a href="">Federal charges against Darren Wilson unlikely, former prosecutors say</a></b><br></p> </div> <div class="doubleright"> <img src="/images/cnn.jpg" height="30" title="News Now - CNN" alt="Latest News - CNN"><br><hr> <p><a href="">5 killed as blast targets diplomatic convoy in Kabul</a></b><br><a href="">Hong Kong police arrested for alleged protester assault</a></b><br><a href="">Japanese hunters capture rare albino dolphin</a></b><br><a href="">Darren Wilson: Attorneys discuss his time in hiding</a></b><br><a href="">Australian cricketer Phil Hughes dies</a></b><br><a href="">Why blacks are urging a Black Friday boycott (Opinion)</a></b><br><a href="">Ferguson: Protesters gather in small numbers</a></b><br><a href="">Is cricket safe? Hughes' death raises questions</a></b><br><a href="">9 fun facts we bet you didn't know about Thanksgiving</a></b><br><a href="">Another reason to give thanks: Nasty storm's behind us</a></b><br><a href="">Nick Compton: Facing fear in cricket's fast lane</a></b><br><a href="">Australian cricketer Phil Hughes dies</a></b><br><a href="">Ferguson: Protesters gather in small numbers</a></b><br><a href="">Hong Kong police arrested for alleged protester assault</a></b><br><a href="">Who is 'professor' from Michael Brown autopsy?</a></b><br></p> </div> <div class="clear"> </div> </div> <!-- / Double content block --> <!-- Double content block --> <div class="doublecontent"> <div class="doubleleft"> <img src="/images/rfi.png" height="30" title="Latest News - RFI" alt="Latest News - RFI"><br><hr> <p><a href="">FRANCE - EUROPEAN UNION: European Commission pursues France over controversial dam project</a></b><br><a href="">FRANCE - UNITED KINGDOM - NEW ZEALAND: Shy British WWII spy heroine receives French Legion of Honour</a></b><br><a href="">EUROPEAN UNION: Pope urges EU to help migrants</a></b><br><a href="">FRANCE - RUSSIA: France suspends Mistral warship delivery to Russia over Ukraine crisis</a></b><br><a href="">FRANCE: Thales and Siemens win 500 million euros contract for trains in Spain</a></b><br><a href="">FRANCE/SPORTS/FOOTBALL: PSG hit by injury woes ahead of Champions League clash</a></b><br><a href="">FRANCE - JORDAN - IRAQ: French jets due in Jordan to help fight against IS group</a></b><br><a href="">FRANCE: Sarkozy on track to regain control of the French Right</a></b><br><a href="">INTERNATIONAL MEDIA: Wikileaks Assange's demand for a revocation of extradition order rejected</a></b><br><a href="">FRANCE: France's ex-first lady in UK to tell all on Hollande</a></b><br><a href="">FRANCE: More bad news for Hollande as close ally resigns</a></b><br><a href="">FRANCE - UNITED KINGDOM - SWITZERLAND: HSBC charged in 180-billion-euro French tax fraud probe</a></b><br><a href="">FRANCE - RUSSIA: Second Russian Mistral warship nears launch in French shipyard</a></b><br><a href="">FRANCE - BRITAIN - BELGIUM: 1,300 stranded for eight hours on Eurostar</a></b><br><a href="">INTERNATIONAL REPORT: Dublin Web Summit: part 5</a></b><br></p> </div> <div class="doubleright"> <img src="/images/newsau.jpg" height="30" title="Latest News -" alt="Latest News -"> <br><hr> <p><a href="">Adelaide Zoo orangutan loses sixth baby</a></b><br><a href="">Vic men charged over $60,000 boat theft</a></b><br><a href="">Former Perth Zoo tiger gives birth</a></b><br><a href="">ARIA organiser's respond to Sia</a></b><br><a href="">Broad new powers under biosecurity bill</a></b><br><a href="">Abbott stands by GP co-payment aim</a></b><br><a href="">Vic 'hoons' deny racing caused fiery crash</a></b><br><a href="">Vic man, 93, jailed for abusing boys</a></b><br><a href="">Vic Dad spared jail in filth death case</a></b><br><a href="">Vic Labor releases election costings</a></b><br><a href="">Speaker sin-bins record 18 Labor MPs</a></b><br><a href="">12yo steers car to safety, but loses dad</a></b><br><a href="">Scorching, dry summer for most, BoM warns</a></b><br><a href="">Foreign investment brokers face crackdown</a></b><br><a href="">Lazarus won't change mind on uni reforms</a></b><br><a href="">Qld 'ecstasy dealer' caught at schoolies</a></b><br><a href="">Woman granted bail over Sydney gang murder</a></b><br><a href="">Perth bikies charged over bashings</a></b><br><a href="">Man drowns in Gold Coast pool</a></b><br></p> </div> <div class="clear"> </div> </div> <!-- / Double content block --> <!-- Footer block --> <div class="footer"> <p> <h2><a href="">Home</a> | <a href="" title="RSS Feed" alt="RSS Feed">RSS</a> | <a href="" title="Latest News Aggregator" alt="Latest News Aggregator">About</a> | <a href="">News Search</a> | <a href="">News Archives</a> </h2> </p><br> <br> </div> <!-- / Footer block --> </div> <!-- / Layout setting --> <!-- Start of StatCounter Code --> <script type="text/javascript"> var sc_project=6698461; var sc_invisible=1; var sc_security="5621cbae"; </script> <script type="text/javascript" src=""></script><noscript><div class="statcounter"><a title="tumblr visitor stats" href="" target="_blank"><img class="statcounter" src="" alt="tumblr visitor stats" ></a></div></noscript> <!-- End of StatCounter Code --> <div id="73015adbc920d92c343bb6fd8117f128"></div> </body> </html>