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Veterans rally for medical marijuana
Mom who took son into hiding to save his foreskin, sobs in court as she signs consent for circumcision
Sheriff in central NC accused of having a man arrested that was trying to serve him a subpoena.
More than 430 people are reported to have died in a heatwave sweeping India, with temperatures reaching 48C (118F) in some areas.
26 Shootings, 9 Fatal, Over Memorial Day Weekend In Baltimore
Americans gave their lives to defeat the Nazis. The Dutch have never forgotten.
Government of Nepal breaks its silence, holds Qatar and FIFA responsible
Thousands of Mexico City taxi drivers snarled traffic in the mega-capital on Monday in a protest demanding that the government ban US ride-sharing service Uber. In response, Uber fired back by offering free cab service.
Chicago Public Schools somehow forgot about 22 schools, including a selective enrollment high school, in its estimate to hire Aramark to manage school janitors. That mistake cost the district an additional $7 million in the controversial contract.
Carnival Held at Elementary School During School Day, Kids Who Couldn't Afford $10 Admission Excluded
Bill to reduce marijuana penalties in Louisiana passes full Senate
Fighter Jets Scramble to Escort Air France Plane to JFK Airport Following Threat
As many as 60% of patients who sought a second opinion received a major change in their diagnosis or treatment. Yet, 70% of Americans don't feel the need to ask for one — most said they feel confident in their doctor's advice and saw no need to gather additional information.
Boston rapist, 70, on parole from life sentence, groomed girl, 15 and arranged to meet her
Punish US Generals for Mismanaging $36 million in Afghan War Funds, Says Inspector General. Senator says “this is one of the most outrageous, deliberate, and wasteful misuses of taxpayer dollars in Afghanistan we’ve ever seen"
Bomb squad destroys pressure cooker found in vehicle parked near US Capitol